About Us

We are an experienced team of Pharmaceutical and Training Consultants.

PharmaIntelligence provides Regulatory and Training solutions to the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Who are we

Dr Carine Page

Principal Consultant

Dr Carine Page is the founder of PharmaIntelligence.

She is a Principal Consultant at PharmaIntelligence with 35 years’ combined experience in Clinical Research and Tertiary Education in Academia and Medical-marketing, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Carine is an Immunologist (PhD) and holds a Masters Degree in Medical Sciences. She is also a Pharmacist by profession (BPharm).

She has a particular interest in clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutical sciences, infectious diseases, and auto-immune diseases.

Carine has a special interest in the research and development of biological medicines and vaccines, the regulatory aspects regarding their safety, efficacy, and quality attributes and the provision of expert technical advice to ensure product realisation through the implementation of the principles of “quality by design”.

Carine has a passion for training, curriculum development, and capacity building of individuals wanting to advance their careers and equip themselves to perform confidently and competently.

Dr Jaco van Zyl

Principal Consultant

Dr Jaco van Zyl is a Principal Consultant at PharmaIntelligence.

His areas of expertise include Pharmaceutical Medicine, Evidence-Based Medicine, Health Economics and Cannabinoid Based Medicines (Medicinal Cannabis).

Jaco is a Clinician (MBChB) and holds an MBA, a Masters Degree in Health Economics and an Honours Degree in Pharmacology.

He has 22 years of combined International Experience having worked in South Africa, Australia the UK and Indonesia.

Jaco has a special interest in Healthcare Access, advancing Pharmaceutical Standards in Natural Medicines, as well as the future role of Healthcare Technology in clinical outcomes.

He is passionate about improving the quality of food and drinks available to society as well as the positive impact of physical activity on general quality of life.

Dr Marthie Postma-Botha

Senior Consultant Manufacturing and Quality Management Systems

Dr Marthie Postma-Botha is a Senior Consultant at PharmaIntelligence.

Marthie is a pharmacist (BPharm) and holds a MSc and PhD in Chemistry. She has 30 years’ combined experience in Private and Public Pharmaceutical Service, the Pharmaceutical Industry and Research.

Her Pharmaceutical knowledge and skills are applied for Drug Utilization Review, Quality Assurance, Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Quality Auditing, Clinical Research and Trials, Regulatory, Diabetic Consultation and Lecturing.

She has a particular interest in sterile product manufacturing, vaccines and biological medicines, pharmacological active / high-value compounds from naturally occurring material such as plants and plant residuals, cGMP facility auditing, Quality and Technical Agreements, Product Quality Review/Reports, and drug utilisation associated with chronic diseases.

Marthie has a passion for skills development, research & development, and provision of quality technical advice to ensure product realisation is achieved by adequate planning, implementation and continuous improvement capacity that allows the consistent delivery of products with appropriate quality attributes.

Hannes Fourie

Senior Consultant : Healthcare Supply Chain

Hannes is a Supply Chain Specialist and Senior Consultant at PharmaIntelligence.
His areas of expertise are the optimization of Healthcare Supply Chains through Business Process re-engineering and Value Mapping.
He is also experienced in International Logistics solutions, blockchain track and trace, procurement, new product development and route to market solutions.

He holds a BCom Honours in Logistics Management from the University of Stellenbosch.
He started his career in Operations for SAB-Miller in Johannesburg working across their beer and soft drinks business for a period of six years. Thereafter he joined Lindt South Africa as Supply Chain Manager for four years while the business was in its start-up phase. He then joined Red Bull South Africa and served there for 5 years as Operations Director looking after Supply Chain, Logistics, Centre Lead procurement and HSE.
Most recently Hannes was part of Canopy Growth Corporation (The World’s largest Pharmaceutical Cannabis company) as their Supply Chain and Logistics Director for their Africa operations.
Hannes also hold strategic partnerships with DSV ocean and air and ConsenSys (blockchain platform developer).

Hannes is also a partner in the boutique consultancy Mantis Capital (https://mantiscapital.co.za/) with Craig Parker, the early investor and co-founder of Bos Brands.

Janine Mbulawa

Consultant: Regulatory and Quality Affairs

Janine is a pharmacist with over 20 years’ experience in Manufacture, R&D, Technology Transfer, Quality Assurance, Quality Systems Management and Regulatory Affairs, spanning both orthodox human and veterinary medicines.

This background had enabled her to fulfil the position of RP for one of South Africa’s leading generic manufacturers and carry those learnings forward to serve as deputy RP at one of the newer 100 % black owned pharmaceutical companies that have entered the Southern African market, assisting them to more than double their product basket in less than 2 years. More recently she’s been doing the license application and setting up the corresponding quality system for a medical device firm.

Having been part of almost every stage of the product lifecycle from drug development to product commercialisation, has resulted in a particular passion for regulatory affairs and the related dossier management, stakeholder engagement and training & mentoring that goes with it if a team or trainee is involved.

Nyasha Bandason

Senior Consultant: Health Economics and ZaZiBoNa Regional Representative

Nyasha is the founder and CEO of HDH Consultancy www.hdh.co.zw

During her career, she has developed long standing relationships with a number of role players and stakeholders within the pharmaceutical sector in the ZaZiBoNa and SADC regions.

She studied BPharm at Rhodes University and holds and Master’s degree in Public Health – Health Policies from the University of Cape Town, specialising in Health Economics. She also is the Chairperson of the Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association in Zimbabwe.

With over 12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, Nyasha has a special interest in market access, market insights and strategy building. Her experience and diversity allow her to offer customer focused solutions and cost-effective service to clients.

Nyasha is passionate about the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. She seeks to improve pharmaceutical market insights and provide training to associates in the pharmaceutical sector.